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Barton Genealogy Report

Grateful Thanks to Colin Barton, for all his research and help in compiling this report.

Generation No.1

John Barton b.abt.1500 d.1559 Hadlow Kent. married abt 1528 Agnes Holt
Children of John Barton and Agnes Holt
i.Johanna Barton b.abt.1530 Hadlow d.1560. marr.Richard Newman
ii.John Barton b.abt.1532 Hadlow d.Nov 1601 Hadlow
iii.Benjamin Barton b.abt.1534 Hadlow d.July1558 Hadlow
iv.Moses Barton b.abt1536 Hadlow d.1559 Hadlow
v.Henry Barton b.abt 1538 Hadlow d.May1604 Hadlow
vi.Thomas Barton b.abt 1540 Hadlow
vii.Richard Barton b.abt 1542 Hadlow d.May1605 East Peckham Kent
viii.John Barton b.abt 1545
ix.Agnes Barton b.Hadlow

Generation No.2

Richard Barton b.abt1542 (John.1) marr.(1)5Nov1564 Alice Sommer d.Jan1576
(2) 28May1577 Elizabeth Stace d.Sep.1597 East Peckham (3) 16Apr1599 Ann King
Children of Richard Barton and Alice Sommer
i.John Barton b.abt 1566 East Peckham d.1626 East Peckham
ii.Ann Barton b.1568 E/Peckham
iii.Richard Barton b.1570 E/Peckham
iv.Thomas Barton b.abt 1572 E/Peckham d.1630
v.Alice Barton b.1576 E/Peckham.marr.12Apr1602 John Richardson
Children of Richard Barton and Elizabeth Stace
vi.Elizabeth Barton b.1578 E/Peckham
vii.Charles Barton b.1580 E/Peckham d.Jun1615
viii.Elizabeth Barton b.1583 E/Peckham d.March 1602
ix.Anthony Barton b.1585 E/Peckham d.Aug1624
x.Walter Barton b.1587 E/Peckham d.1668 Hadlow

Generation No.3

Thomas Barton b.abt1572 (Richard.2,John.1) marr.(1)8Feb1590 E/Peckham Susan Godden (2) Elizabeth Oliver
Child of Thomas Barton and Susan Godden
1.Susan Barton b.1584
Children of Thomas Barton and Elizabeth Oliver
ii.Thomas Barton b.1600 Hadlow d.1662
iii.Margaret Barton b.1607 Hadlow
iv.Elizabeth Barton b.1614 Hadlow marr.27Sep1631 Hadlow Thomas Weller
v.Robert Barton b.1615 Hadlow d.1615 Hadlow

Charles Barton b.1580 (Richard.2,John.1) marr.Elizabeth d.abt 1615
Children of Charles Barton and Elizabeth
i.Richard Barton b.1607 E/Peckham
ii.John Barton b.1609 E/Peckham
iii.Henry Barton b.1611 E/Peckham d.abt 1615
iv.William Barton b.1612 E/Peckham marr.20Feb1648 E/Peckham Dorothy Counts
v.George Barton b.1615 E/Peckham marr 3Jun1642 West Peckham Susan Browne

Walter Barton b.1587 (Richard.2,John.1) marr (1) 16Jun1616 Mabel Godden d.1620.(2) Unknown
Children of Walter Barton and Mabel Godden
i.Thomas Barton b.1618 E/Peckham d.16Apr1672 Hadlow
ii.Robert Barton b.1620 E/Peckham d.1657 Hadlow
Children of Walter Barton and " Unknown "
iii.Margaret Barton b.1623 Hadlow d.1623 Hadlow
iv.Walter Barton b.17Mar1626 d.1677 marr.14Feb1655 E/Peckham Dorothy Baldrock

Generation No.4

Thomas Barton b.1600 (Thomas.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.1626 Alice Newman (widow)
Child of Thomas Barton and Alice Newman
i.Elizabeth Barton b.abt 1827

John Barton b.1609 (Charles.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr (1)30May1653 Hadlow Mary Chittenden (2) Jane d.abt1733
Children of John Barton and Mary Chittenden
i.Thomas Barton b.1657 d.1713 Hadlow
ii.John Barton b.1661

Thomas Barton b.1618 (Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1)marr.23Nov1654 Hadlow Elizabeth Newman (widow)
Children of Thomas Barton and Elizabeth Newman
i.Walter Barton b.1655 Hadlow d.1725 Hadlow
ii.Elizabeth Barton b.24Jun1658 Hadlow d.17Jun1731 marr.16Jun1674 Thomas Barton b.1648 Hadlow d.28Aug1731 Hadlow
iii.Thomas Barton b.1661 Hadlow d.1725 marr.(1)13Feb1682 Mary Cheesman. (2) 12Jan1687 Sarah Stevens
iv.Alice Barton b.1664 Hadlow
v.Richard Barton b.1668 Hadlow
vi.Anthony Barton b.1670 Hadlow d.1724 marr.9Mar1702 Elizabeth Oliver

Generation No.5

Elizabeth Barton b.abt1627 (Thomas.4,Thomas.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.6May1650 Hadlow Richard May F.Thomas
Children of Elizabeth Barton and Richard May
i.Thomas May b.1651 Hadlow
ii.Elizabeth May b.1652 Hadlow
iii.Richard May b.1654 Hadlow
iv.Mary May b.1659 Hadlow

Thomas Barton b.1657 (John.4,Charles.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.15Jan1684 Tonbridge Jane White d.1738
Children of Thomas Barton and Jane White
i.John Barton b.1689 Hadlow d.1766 Hadlow
ii.Elizabeth Barton b.1690 Hadlow
iii.Thomas Barton b.1695 Hadlow d.1763 Hadlow
iv.Alice Barton b.1696 Hadlow
v.Henry Barton b.1700 Hadlow marr.12Feb London, Catherine Lambert
vi.Jane Barton b.1703 Hadlow
vii.Sarah Barton b.1705 Hadlow
viii.Charles Barton b.1708 Hadlow

Walter Barton b.1655 (Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.8Jul1690 Jane Putland d.1737
Children of Walter Barton and Jane Putland
i.Walter Barton b.1691 Hadlow d.1740 Hadlow
ii.Ann Barton b.1692 Hadlow d.1699 Hadlow
iii.Thomas Barton b.1693 Hadlow
iv.John Barton b.1695 Hadlow d.1729
v.George Barton b.1696 Hadlow d.1743 Hadlow
vi.Ann Barton b.1699 Hadlow d.1722 Hadlow
vii.Stephen Barton b.1702 Hadlow d.1721 Hadlow
viii.Elizabeth Barton b.1704 Hadlow d.1783 marr.29Sep1723 Hadlow Solomon Barton d.1764 Hadlow
ix.Putland Barton b.1708 Hadlow d.1723 Hadlow

Alice Barton b.1664 (Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.28Sep1688 Farningham, Robert Easterfield
Children of Alice Barton and Robert Easterfield
i.Edward Easterfield b.1689 Hadlow marr 10Jun1728 Aylesford, Elizabeth Barton
ii.Alice Easterfield b.1693 Hadlow marr.18Sep1716 Nettlestead, William Gilbert
iii.Robert Easterfield b.1695 Hadlow
iv.Walter Easterfield b.1699 Hadlow
v.Thomas Easterfield b.1704 Hadlow

Generation No.6

John Barton b.1689 (Thomas.5,John.4,Charles.3,Richard.2,John.1)marr.10Apr1729 W/Farleigh,Mary Norman d.1778 Hadlow
Children of John Barton and Mary Norman
i.Jane Barton b.1730 Hadlow d.1731 Hadlow
ii.Mary Barton b.1732 Hadlow d.1807 Hadlow
iii.John Barton b.1736 Hadlow d.10Jan1760 Hadlow
iv.Elizabeth Barton b.1740 Hadlow d.7Oct1814 Hadlow
v.Jane Barton b.1742 Hadlow
vi.Thomas Barton b.1748 Hadlow d.28Aug1781 Hadlow

Charles Barton b.1708 (Thomas.5,John.4,Charles.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.14Nov1737 Rochester Mary Edwards
Children of Charles Barton and Mary Edwards
i.Thomas Barton b.1740 Hadlow
ii.William Barton b.1742 Hadlow
iii.Mary Barton b.1745 Hadlow

Walter Barton b.1691 (Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.26Jul1722 London Sarah France d.1735
Children of Walter Barton and Sarah France
i.John Barton b.23Jun1723 Hadlow d.1785 Hadlow
ii.Walter Barton b.1725 Hadlow d. abt 1759
iii.Thomas Barton b.13Oct1726 Hadlow d.30Jan1807 Threxton Norfolk
iv.Sarah Barton b.1728 Hadlow
v.Elizabeth Barton b.1730 Hadlow d.1794
vi.Stephen Barton b.1732 Hadlow d.1732
vii.Ann Barton b.1733 Hadlow d.1733

George Barton b.1696 (Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1)marr.Ann d.1751
Children of George Barton and Ann
i.Elizabeth Barton b.1729 Hadlow d.1731
ii.George Barton b.1730 Hadlow d.1761 marr.Ann
iii.Putland Barton b.1733 Hadlow d.1755
iv.Stephen Barton b.1737 Hadlow
v.Solomon Barton b.1740 Hadlow d.10Mar1797 Hadlow

Generation No.7

Mary Barton b.1732 (John.6,Thomas.5,John.4,Charles.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.18Apr1754 Hadlow,John Barton b.1730 Hadlow d.15Feb1779.F.Thomas
Children of Mary Barton and John Barton
i.Thomas Barton b.1758 Hadlow
ii.John Barton b.1764 Hadlow
iii.John Barton b.1767 Hadlow
iv.George Barton b.1769 Hadlow

Elizabeth Barton b.1740(John.6,Thomas.5,John.4,Charles.3,Richard.2,John.1)marr.1Jan1759 Hadlow,Walter Barton b.1732Hadlow d.29Jun1805 F.Thomas
Children of Elizabeth Barton and Walter Barton
i.Walter Barton b.1759 Hadlow
ii.Thomas Barton b.1761 Hadlow
iii.William Barton b.1764 Hadlow

Thomas Barton b.1748 (John.6,Thomas.5,John.4,Charles.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.16Jun1774 Elizabeth Barton d.17Jun1831 Hadlow
Children of Thomas Barton and Elizabeth Barton
i.John Barton b.1775 Hadlow marr.Anis
ii.Thomas Barton b.1776 Hadlow d.8Feb1856 Hadlow
iii.Henry Barton b.1778 Hadlow d.1826 Tonbridge
iv.Elizabeth Barton b.1781 Hadlow d.1781 Hadlow

William Barton b.1742 (Charles.6,Thomas.5,John.4,Charles.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr 22Sep 1774 Tonbridge, Ann Mew
Child of William Barton and Ann Mew
i.Henry Barton b.1775

John Barton b.1723 (Walter.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.17Jun1743 Aylesford, Jane May b.1716 d.1767 Hadlow
Child of John Barton
Jane Palmer Barton " natural daughter "
Children of John Barton and Jane May
i.John Barton b.17Aug1744 Hadlow d.1803
ii.Elizabeth Barton b.1745 Hadlow marr.31May1768 Swanscombe, John Holmden
iii.Walter Barton b.28Jan1747 Hadlow d.1823 Hadlow
iv.Thomas Barton b.1748 Hadlow d.1748

Thomas Barton b.1726(Walter.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.Susannah Ellis b.abt 1722 d.1794, F.Jeremiah
Children of Thomas Barton and Susannah Ellis
i.Elizabeth Barton b.1748 Threxton Norfolk marr.John Burcham
ii.Walter Barton b.1752 Threxton

Elizabeth Barton b.1730 (Walter.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.1760 Robert Knopwood
Children of Elizabeth Barton and Robert Knopwood
i.Elizabeth Knopwood b.1761 d.1827 marr.William Pettit
ii.Sarah Ann Knopwood d.1763
iii.Robert Knopwood b.1763 d.1838
iv.Sarah Knopwood b.1768 d.1834
v.Mary Knopwood b.1775 Saham Toney Norfolk
vi.Elizabeth Knopwood b.1779 Saham Toney Norfolk

Solomon Barton b.1740 (George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1)marr.5Nov1762 Hadlow, Elizabeth Beaumont b.2Jun1743 d.19Oct1797. F.John, M.Ann Lampert
Children of Solomon Barton and Elizabeth Beaumont
i.Anne Barton b.1764 Hadlow marr.3Feb1785 Hadlow,William Elcom
ii.John Solomon Barton b.9Dec1765 Hadlow d.1811, marr.13Feb1789 Sarah Wright
iii.Elizabeth Barton b.1767 Hadlow d.1816 Hadlow
iv.Ann Barton b.1769 Hadlow
v.Sarah Barton b.1770 Hadlow d.1820
vi.Jane Barton b.1772 Hadlow
vii.Solomon Barton b.1774 Hadlow d.1826 Brabourne
viii.George Barton b.1776 Hadlow d.1826 Hadlow
ix.Elizabeth Barton b.1778 Hadlow d.1816 Hadlow
x.William Barton b.1779 Hadlow d.1779
xi.Elizabeth Barton b.1780 Hadlow
xii.Frances barton b.1781 Hadlow
xiii.Stephen Barton b.1784 Hadlow d.1800 Hadlow

Generation No.8

Thomas Barton b.1776 (Thomas.7,John.6,Thomas.5,John.4,Charles.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr 31Dec1800 Hadlow, Hannah Ann Sharp b.26Aug1781 d.16Oct1841
Children of Thomas Barton and Hannah Sharp
i.Elizabeth Barton b.1801 Hadlow d.7Oct1822 Brenchley
ii.Ann Barton b.1803 Hadlow
iii.Mary Barton b.1806 Hadlow
iv.Thomas Barton b.1808 Hadlow d.1883
v.Sarah Ann Barton b.1810 Hadlow

Henry Barton b.1778(Thomas.7,John.6,Thomas.5,John.4,Charles.3,Richard.2,John.1)marr.Sarah
Children of Henry Barton and Sarah
i.George Barton b.abt.1797
ii.William Barton b.1799
iii.Henry Barton b.1Nov1802 d.8Sep1833 marr.10Jun1830 Elizabeth Fuggle

Walter Barton b.1747 (John.7,Walter.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr 1775 Elizabeth Stanford b.1749 Edenbridge d.abt1817
(At the age of 16, Walter was 'encouraged' to change his name to Walter Barton May in order to inherit his mothers family fortune)
Children of Walter Barton May and Elizabeth Stanford
i.Elizabeth Barton May b.abt 1777 E/Peckham d.12Jul1863 Brighton marr (1) 25Oct1803 Rev.John Bosenquet Polhill b.1772 d.18Feb1825. (2)24Mar1831 Baronet William Twysden b.1Dec1788 d.22Jun1879
ii.Walter Barton May b.20Feb1783 Hadlow d.31May1855 Hadlow
iii.John Barton May b. abt.1794 Hadlow d.1872 Hadlow

Walter Barton b.1752 (Thomas.7,Walter.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1,) marr Ann Hannah Pigge b.1752 d.1844
Children of Walter Barton and Ann Hannah Pigge
i.Thomas Barton b.1785 Threxton Norfolk
ii.Thomas Barton b.1790 Threxton d.1867
iii.John Barton b.1793 d.1867 Threxton
iv.Ann Barton marr. Sam Errington
v.Ellen Barton marr. Robert Fuller
vi.Sarah Barton marr. Michael West
vii.Elizabeth Barton marr. Thomas Pratt
viii.Hannah Barton marr. George West
ix.Harriet Barton marr. Sam Davenport

Ann Barton b.1769 (Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.26Jun1790 Hadlow,Thomas Eason
Children of Ann Barton and Thomas Eason
i.Thomas Eason Barton b.1784 Hadlow
ii.Solomon Eason b.1790 Hadlow
iii.James Eason b.1792 Hadlow
iv.John Eason b.1796 Hadlow
v.Elizabeth Eason b.1801 Hadlow
vi.Eliza Eason b.1803 Hadlow

Sarah Barton b.1770(Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr 7Jun1793 Hadlow, James Warnett b.1764 Hadlow d.3Jul 1811, f.Thomas M.Mary Webb.(see Xtra Extras for Warnett family)
Children of Sarah Barton and James Warnett
i.William Warnett b.abt 1796 Hadlow d.1854
ii.Mary Warnett b.abt 1797 Hadlow
iii..James Warnett b.23Nov1800 d.3May1861
iv.Thomas Warnett b.1802 Hadlow
v.Stephen Warnett b.1804 Hadlow

Jane Barton b.1722(Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1)marr.1793 Seal Kent, James Beeke
Children of Jane Barton and James Beeke
i.Eliza Beeke b.1810 Seal
ii.Anne Beeke b.1812 Seal

Solomon Barton b.1774(Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.17Jun1798 Mary Duddy b.abt1778
Children of Solomon Barton and Mary Duddy
i.Solomon Barton Duddy b.1798 Hadlow
ii.Fanny Barton b.1800 Hadlow
iii.William Barton b.1803 Hadlow
iv.Henry Barton b.1805 Hadlow
v.Thomas Barton b.1807 Hadlow
vi.Stephen Barton b.1809 Hadlow d.1883 Smeeth Kent
vii.Elizabeth Barton 14May1815 Brabourne Kent,d.14May 1863 Hamstreet Kent

George Barton b.1776(Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.30May1802 Hadlow,Louisa Kadwell b.1782 d.8Jul1847 Hadlow
Children of George Barton and Louisa Kadwell
i.Louisa Barton b.1802 Hadlow
ii.George Nathaniel Barton b.5Apr1804 Hadlow d.20.Oct1879. marr.Sarah b.1815 d.1845
iii.Ann Barton b.1806 Hadlow
iv.Frances Elizabeth Barton b.1813 Hadlow

Elizabeth Barton b.1778(Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1)
Children of Elizabeth Barton
i.Ann Barton b.1796
ii.Stephen Barton b.11Feb 1802 Hadlow d.1884
iii.Sarah Barton b.1804 Hadlow
iv.Frances Barton b.1809 Hadlow
John Barton b.1811 Hadlow d.6Mar1878

Generation No.9

Elizabeth Barton b.1801(Thomas.8,Thomas.7,John.6,Thomas.5,John.4,Charles.3,Richard.2,John.1)marr.13.Nov1818 Brenchley. Thomas Manwaring b.10Apr1798 d.26Sep1854
Children of Elizabeth Barton and Thomas Manwaring
i.Mary Ann Manwaring b.7May1819 Brenchley marr.Isaac Ballard b.1800 Hawkhurst d.22Jan1884 Lamberhurst
ii.Jane Manwaring b.30Mar1821 Brenchley
iii.John Manwaring b.4.Oct1822 Brenchley

Thomas Barton b.1808(Thomas.8,Thomas.7,John.6,Thomas.5,John.4,Charles.3,Richard.2,John.1)marr.5Dec1832 Wateringbury, Elizabeth Osborne b.1804 Hemel Hempstead, d 1883
Children of Thomas Barton and Elizabeth Osborne
i.Thomas Henry Barton b.13Nov1835 Brenchley, d.1878, marr.1872 Mary Wallis
ii.Elizabeth Ann Barton b.1838 Brenchley
iii.Benjamin Osborne Barton b.1840 Tudely, d.1859
iv.Augustus Barton b.1843
v.John Augustus Barton b.1844 Tonbridge

Sarah Ann Barton b.1810(Thomas.8,Thomas.7,John.6,Thomas.5,John.4,Charles.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.18Jun1838 Plaxtol,James Marchant b.20Feb1809 Leigh
Children of Sarah Barton and James Marchant
i.Mary Anna Marchant b.7Jan1839 Hadlow, d 26Feb1907 Dorking. marr.Robert Sims
ii.Jane Marchant b.28Feb1841 Hadlow marr. David Franconbe
iii.William Marchant b.10Jul.1848 Tonbridge
iv.Henry John Marchant b.6Sep1844 Hadlow, d.30April1937 Dudley.marr.(1) Unknown (2)22Dec1870 Tuscaloosa Alabama, Esther Lavinia Weaver b.28Feb1846 Alabama

Walter Barton May b.1783(Walter Barton.8,John.7,Walter.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1)marr.20Nov1820 Hadlow,Mary Susannah porter b.20May1801 Hadlow d.7Feb1872 Sidmouth Devon.F.John M.Sophia
Children of Walter Barton May and Mary Susannah Porter
i.Walter Horatio May b.1822 Hadlow d.4Apr1907 Tendering Hall, Colchester
ii.Mary Susannah May b.1824 Hadlow
iii.Richard Stanford May b.1825 Hadlow d.18Jan1826 Hadlow
iv.Edmund Maximilliun May b.1826 Hadlow d.23Jan1828 Hadlow
v.Frances Henrietta May b.1832 Hadlow

Thomas Barton b.1785(Walter.8,Thomas.7,Walter.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.Hannah Clarke
Children of Thomas Barton and Hannah Clarke
i.Thomas Edward Walter Barton b.1811 Threxton Norfolk, d.1879
ii.Sarah Ann Hannah Barton b.1812 d.1861 marr 10Jun1852 Lakenham Norfolk, John Brownfield
iii.Elizabeth Barton b.1813 d.1895. Child of Elizabeth, Osborne Sweetman b.1871

Stephen Barton b.1809(Solomon.8,Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1)marr.16Oct1830 Brabourne, Rebecca Brann b.1811 Smeeth d.1896 F.James M.Sarah Andrews
Children of Stephen Barton and Rebecca Brann
i.Eliza Barton b.1832 Hadlow
ii.Stephen Barton b.1834 Hadlow
iii.Anne Barton b.1836 Hadlow
iv.Elizabeth Barton b.1838 Hadlow
v.Walter M.Barton b.1840 Smeeth
vi.Harriet Barton b.1841 Smeeth
vii.George barton b.1844 Smeeth
viii.William Barton b.5Feb1845 Smeeth d.1905 Silley Hole
ix.Henry Barton b.1847 Smeeth
x.Sarah Ann Barton b.1850 Smeeth
xi.Edward Barton b.1852 Smeeth
xii.Ellen Rebecca Barton b.1855 Smeeth

Elizabeth Barton b.1815(Solomon.8,Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr 12Jun1837 Brabourne, Frederick Scott b.1813 Hothfield.F.William M.Elizabeth Bennett
Children of Elizabeth Barton and Frederick Scott
i.Elizabeth Scott b.1838
ii.John Frederick Scott b.1840 d.1904
iii.Henry Charles Scott b.1841 d.1919
iv.William Scott b.1843 d.1904
v.Charles Scott b.1845 d.1903
vi.Harriet Mercy Scott b.1847 d.1913
vii.Eliza Scott b.1848 d.1893
viii.Jane Scott b.1851
ix.Frederick Thomas Scott (adopted) b.1856 d.1921

Stephen Barton b.1802 (Elizabeth.8,Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.3.Oct1830 Wateringbury Elizabeth Harris b.1811 Hadlow d.1883.F.John M.Ann Wood
Children of Stephen Barton and Elizabeth Harris
i.Jane Barton b.1831 Hadlow d.Dec1832 Hadlow
ii.Anne Barton b.1832 Hadlow d.Jan1833 Hadlow
iii.Stephen Barton b.1834 Hadlow d.Jan1860 Hadlow
iv.Elizabeth Barton b.1835
v.Eliza Georgiana Barton b.1837 Hadlow
vi.Sarah Ann Barton b.1840 Hadlow
vii.Mary Ann Barton b.1842 Hadlow
viii.Laura Louisa Barton b.1843 Hadlow d.26Jun1906
ix.Harriet Barton b.1845 Hadlow d.1845 Hadlow
x.Ellen Barton b.1846 Hadlow
xi.Maria Barton b.1848 Hadlow
xii.John Solomon Barton b.18.Oct1851 Hadlow d.Dec1938 Hadlow

John Barton b.1811(Elizabeth.8,Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr. Mary
Children of John Barton and Mary
i.Elizabeth Barton b.1837 E/Peckham marr.16Jun1858 Hadlow Alfred johnson b.1838 Shalford Essex
ii.John Barton b. 1839 Hadlow
iii.George Barton b.1841 Hadlow d.1841 Hadlow
iv.Sarah Barton b.1844 Hadlow marr.30Aug1864 Hadlow, William Wyman
v.William Barton b.1846 Hadlow
vi.Henry Barton b.1848 Hadlow d.1849 Hadlow
vii.Alfred Barton b.1849 Hadlow

Generation No.10

John Augustus Barton b.1844 ( Thomas.9,Thomas.8,Thomas.7,John.6,Thomas.5,John.4,Charles.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr 1870 Jane Pearce b.1847 E/Farleigh
Children of John Augustus Barton and Jane Pearce
i.Thomas Osborne Barton b.1871 Paddock Wood,Brenchley
ii.Philip Augustus Barton b.1873 Yalding Kent
iii.Robert James Barton b.1875 Maidstone
iv.Fanny Louisa Barton b.1877 Maidstone

Walter Horatio May b.1822(Walter.9,Walter.8,John.7,Walter.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1)marr.(1)1845 Camberwell,Eliza Mary Jackson b.abt 1826 Southwark. (2) 1884 Mary Ann Smith b.abt 1844 Marylebone
Children of Walter Horatio May and Eliza Mary Jackson
i.Walter Reginald May b.1846 Hadlow
ii.Walter Edmund May b.1850 Hadlow
iii.Stanford H.May b.1859 Scotland

Thomas Edward Walter Barton b.1811(Thomas.9,Walter.8,Thomas.7,Walter.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.Eliza Allday b.1819 Hingham Norfolk d.1900 F.John M.Eliza
Children of Thomas Edward Walter Barton and Eliza Allday
i.Thomas Allday Barton b.1845 Threxton d.abt 1930 Threxton
ii.Walter May Barton b.1846 Threxton
iii.Gertrude Eliza Barton b.1848 Threxton
iv.Alfred John Barton b.1850 Threxton

William Barton b.1845(Stephen.9,Solomon.8,Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1)marr.22Jul1865 Brabourne,Ann Oliver b.1843 Bethersden d.1904 F.George
Children of William Barton and Ann Oliver
i.Julie Elizabeth Barton b.29Feb1868 Wye Kent, marr 1884 Edward Bailey
ii.William Solomon Barton b.1870 Mersham Kent, d.1895 Smeeth
iii.Harry Stephen Barton b.1872 Mersham marr.Feb1895 Louisa Lucy Walters b.abt.1875
iv.Kate Anne Barton b.1876 Smeeth marr.Oct1895 Smeeth, Frederick John Pryor b.abt.1869 Ashford kent
v.Florence May Barton b.1878 Smeeth marr.1900 Walter John Chown
vi.Frederick Arthur James Barton b.1880 Smeeth
vii.Louisa Ellen Barton b.31May1883 Smeeth d.13.Oct1970 Shoreham by Sea marr.(1)William White, (2)7Jul.1907 Thanet, Charles Maple b.30Dec1885

Eliza Georgiana Barton b.1837 (Stephen.9,Elizabeth.8,Solomon.7,George.7,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.10Apr1864 Phillip Nye b.1840 London
Children of Eliza Georgiana Barton and Phillip Nye
i.Phillip Nye b.1865 London
ii.Eliza Laura Nye b.1867
iii.Minnie Maria Nye b.1867
iv.Ellen Nye b.1869
v.Frederick Nye b.1870
vi.Albert Nye b.1872 marr.Ellen
vii.Edith Nye b.1876 marr.Edward
viii.Edward Nye b.1879
ix.Beatrice Nye b.1880

Laura Louisa Barton b.1843 (Stephen.9,Elizabeth.8,Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr 13Nov1870 William Alfred Fairbrother b.9Nov1841 (Fairbrother Extras)

Maria Barton b.1848(Stephen.9,Elizabeth.8,Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr 1875 James George Goldsmith b.1854 E/Peckham
Child of Maria Barton
i.Stephen William Barton b.1869 Hadlow d.1886
Children of Maria Barton and James George Goldsmith
i.William Goldsmith b.1878
ii.Frank Goldsmith b.1879
iii.Richard Goldsmith b.1880

John Solomon Barton b.1851(Stephen.9,Elizabeth.8,Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.1Dec1883 Hadlow,Gertrude Smith b.1860 Hadlow d.8Jul1932 F.George M.Harriet
Children of John Solomon Barton and Gertrude Smith
i.Frederick John Barton b.20Jul.1884 Hadlow d.16Nov1971 Tonbridge
ii.Percy Stephen Barton b.25Apr1886 Hadlow marr.Feb1919 Tonbridge, Betsy Delves
iii.Gertrude Edith Barton b.29Apr1888 Hadlow, marr.May1910 Frank Brock Foster
iv.Elizabeth Harriet Barton b.21Feb1890 Hadlow, marr.1919 Albert Pearson
v.Cecilia Alice Barton b.1Jan1895 Hadlow, d.Jan1986

John Barton b.1839 (John.9,Elizabeth.8,Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr (1)1867 Eliza Cook b.1840 Stock,Essex.(2) 1875 Helen Brown b.1850 Gt Baddow Essex
Child of John Barton and Eliza Cook
i.Annie M.Barton b.1868 London
Children of John Barton and Helen Brown
ii.George H.Barton b.1877 Islington
iii.John Barton b.1884

William Barton b.1846 (John.9,Elizabeth.8,Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr 21Jun1870 Hadlow, Charlotte Brigden b.1854 E/Peckham F.John
Children of William Barton and Charlotte Brigden
i.Laura Barton b.1870 Hadlow
ii.Elizabeth Barton b.1872 Hadlow
iii.William Stanley Barton b.1873 Hadlow
iv.Albert Barton b.1875 Hadlow
v.William Barton b.abt 1877 Hadlow
vi.John Barton b.1879 Hadlow
vii.Elizabeth May Barton b.1882 Hadlow
viii.Herbert Sydney Barton b.1883 Hadlow

Alfred Barton b.1849 (John.9,Elizabeth.8,Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr 15Apr1871 Hadlow, Ellen Richardson b.1850 Finchingfield Essex
Children of Alfred Barton and Ellen Richardson
i.George Arthur Barton b.1872 Hadlow
ii.Frank W.Barton b.1875 Finchingfield Essex
iii.Alfred T.Barton b.1877 Kensington, London
iv.Ellen Amelia Barton b.1879 Kensington
v.Eveline Mary Barton b.1880 Kensington
vi.Albert Victor Barton b.1885 Islington London
vii.Kate Eliva Barton b.1887 Islington
viii.Winifred Jessie Barton b.1890 Islington

Generation No.11

Walter May Barton b.1846
(Thomas Edward Walter.10,Thomas.9,Walter.8,Thomas.7,Walter.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.1874 Edith Elizabeth Pilling b.1853 Cheadle Cheshire, F.John M.Emily Akerman
Children of Walter May Barton and Edith Elizabeth Barton
i.Walter John Barton b.1875 East Dereham Norfolk, marr.Karen
ii.Edith Marion Barton b.1876 E/Dereham
iii.Frederick Sydney Barton b.1877 E/Dereham d.abt 1956. marr. Mabel Gertrude Wall
iv.Charles Thomas Barton b.1879 E/Dereham marr.Olive
v.Eleanor Kate Barton b.1882 E/Dereham
vi.Mildred Barton b.1884 E/Dereham marr.George Hunt Holly

Alfred John Barton b.1850
(Thomas Edward Walter.10,Thomas.9,Walter.8,Thomas.7,Walter.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.1881 Alice Ethel Pilling b.1859 F.John M.Emily Akerman
Children of Alfred John Barton and Alice Ethel Pilling
i.Alfred Richard Barton b.1882
ii.Ethel Gertrude Barton b.1884
iii.Eric William Barton b.1886
iv.Sibil Margaret Barton b.1889
v.Hugh Fabian Barton b.1897

Frederick John Barton b.1884
(John Solomon.10,Stephen.9,Elizabeth.8,Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.26Dec1907 Tonbridge, Elizabeth Clara Ware Down b.16Jul1884 Tonbridge, d.6Aug1965. F.Thomas Ware M.Clara E.Hine
Children of Frederick John Barton and Elizabeth Clara Ware Down
i.Frederick Charles Edwin Barton b.18.Oct1908 Tonbridge d.5Aug1985. marr.29Jul.1933 Amy Lowcock b.28Jan1909 Oldham d.30Apr1993 Kings Lynn Norfolk
ii.Percy Alfred Barton b. 8Sep1915 Tonbridge d.Jul1993 Tonbridgemarr.16Apr1938 Lily F.Knight b.5.Oct1910 d.2005 Pudsey Yorks
iii.Ivy Doreen Barton b.19Sep1918 Tonbridge d.10Jul1995. marr.28.Oct1939 John A.Martin b.20Feb1914 d.14Dec1988

Cecelia Barton b.1895
(John Solomon.10,Stephen.9,Elizabeth.8,Solomon.7,George.6,Walter.5,Thomas.4,Walter.3,Richard.2,John.1) marr.1913 Percy Frank Kesby b.1893 Tonbridge d.1962
Children of Cecelia Barton and Percy Frank Kesby
i.Lily E.C.Kesby b.1913
ii.Percy Frank Kesby b.1917
iii.Kathleen J.Kesby b.1918
iv.Leonard C.Kesby b.1920

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Hadlow Castle

HADLOW CASTLE . Commissioned by Walter Barton (May) 1747 - 1823